The KINGDOM OF KEBAB executive team consists of highly educated and experienced specialists, such as celebrity Chefs and hospitality experts. They are committed to the development and delivery of quality products, services and experiences for customers and partners that exceed expectations. THE KINGDOM OF KEBAB® offers custom made Business Models for different Food services and specialized upscale Indian restaurants. The collaboration/partnerships for new/existing restaurants.

The theme for THE KINGDOM OF KEBAB is centered around “Ambrosia and Nectar”, the divine food consumed by the Greek gods. The Ancient India methods of cooking from “VEDAS”, along with Chef Merajul Haque’s own style of cooking, are all used in order to create dishes that are cooked over charcoal grilling to preserve their nutrition value, flavors and to be free of carcinogen. The Research and Development team at THE KINGDOM OF KEBAB have consistently created exquisite and exclusive menus.

The core objective of THE KINGDOM OF KEBAB is to stay organic, environmental friendly, and energy conscious, and it does so through various initiatives such as corporate team building, cooking classes, mixology classes, private and special dining events, as well as by working with local farmers and craftsmen to ensure the highest quality ingredients and authentic flavors.

At THE KINGDOM OF KEBAB, customers can expect a premier and high quality experience that is further enhanced by professionally trained employees in a trustful and joyful environment. The delectable food, the vibrancy of the atmosphere and exclusive decor, leave the palate asking for more. Its highly trained professionals create an atmosphere of trust and joy that permeates all its locations. THE KINGDOM OF KEBAB is a place like no other, a place where tradition meets innovation and a place with ambience that is truly like royals.

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