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Master Chef Meraj Ul Haque from Qureshi family


Chef Merajul Haque, who hails from the legendary Qureshi family of Lucknow, is an absolute rockstar in India’s culinary and hospitality industries. With a formidable 38-year-long career behind him, Merajul is the Director of Kingdom of Kabab, a sister concern of Sukaya Wellness. Cooking was something Merajul grew up with and is his forte.

He has honed his culinary techniques through experience in the USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, South Africa, Cape Town, operating in high-end restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and even working as a trainer chef and in R&D departments.

Merajul has also participated in various competitions and TV shows on Zee TV, BBC World, CNN, NDTV, and Chilli. His recipes have been featured in sizeable newspapers such as The Hindu, Economic Times, and many cookbooks like…
The KAMA BHOG by Jiggs Kalra and India Cook food by Pushpesh Pant. He won the Gold Medal at the Sixth Chef Award Ceremony in 2009 for his North Indian delicacies and was the winner in the Biryani Segment of Foodistan and Indo-Pak Chefs competition on NDTV India.

Furthermore, he was invited to join Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s team at the Golden Jubilee celebration of Lok Sabha. He also took up several opportunities to represent India at national and international forums.

Merajul’s latest and greatest venture involves launching of Kingdom of Kabab. The aim is to bring the best of Indian food to every nook and corner of the world and also to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in traditional Indian cooking. With this move, he hopes to promote Indian food and support the people who work to make it exceptional.

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The Kingdom of Kebab Restaurant Franchise, Collaboration, upgrading,
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